Orofacial Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with The TeleDentists to offer Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit

  • Orofacial Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with The TeleDentists to offer Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit

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    We are excited to collaborate with The TeleDentists® in offering the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit to their urgent care patients that have acute jaw pain, mild head and neck injury, and TMJ flare-ups.  Patients can conveniently contact The TeleDentists® and schedule a consult on their phone or laptop within 10 minutes, day or night!

    When you are in pain it’s hard to wait for an appointment with your doctor or dentist and going to urgent care is not desirable.  That is why we are so excited that this is convenient and affordable telehealth consults are available to patients who need care now and seek answers to their questions.

    Our company feels strongly that simple, conservative care that you can use at home is the most effective strategy in healing and returning to normal function of your jaw and neck.  Too often patients wait to get better or get very discouraged when they do not immediately improve.  Let’s face it, jaw pain and associated headaches and neck pain is very distracting and sometimes alarming!

    Our experience shows that 7 out of 10 patients with mild head, neck and jaw trauma or injury (without significant prior history) who are compliant with the Speed2Treat Care Plan will improve within four weeks to normal jaw and neck function and reduction in pain levels. The risk of waiting may mean that it becomes harder over time to fully open your jaw, or for some people, muscle tension spreads and becomes neck, shoulder and back pain.

    Check out the announcement of our collaboration with The Teledentists®


    Visit Speed2Treat.com to learn more about our Home Healing Kit or visit our News page to stay up to date.

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